ACROS - An ordering application for a bike supplier

The desktop application "ACROS Headset Configurator" deals with the configuration of bicycle tax rates in the B2B sector. With the help of the application, the clerk has the option to recreate tax rates directly, to find existing assemblies and to link these directly to the corresponding customer profile. In the future, for example, old orders can be directly accessed and edited. The visual representation of the individual parts of an assembly facilitates the technically complex configuration of a control set for experienced and non-experienced clerks. Personal contact with customers is not reduced by the application. The clerk can respond even more precisely to the wishes of the customer and transfer them directly to the tax rate. After completing the order, the technical data can be forwarded directly to the customer, but also to the internal engineers or other participants. Through intensive user surveys and the examination of the current state, we quickly discovered the needs of our user. One of the main challenges is to design the application so that the user can easily operate it even during a customer conversation. 


In the design, it was noted that the application is used very intensively at the workplace. This is very different from applications that are used only in individual cases. An application that is used more than 20 times a day should have a certain simplicity, since any initially interesting animation can become annoying or distracting after intensive use. Therefore, the application has a very quiet coloration and interaction. Generally, the design is based on simple material design.


The User Testing was part of the course of Dr.-Ing. Matthias Peissner in the course "Usability Lab". Here, we had the opportunity to observe and test how users interacted with our prototype.

Everything was captured by camera and sound recording. With the help of the insights gained, weaknesses in the system could be directly detected and eliminated.

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