Focus - Interactive Photography

How can you make photography as a subject easily accessible to someone with no experience in this area? In Photography, three main parameters - aperture, shutter speed and light sensitivity (ISO), are playing a significant role in image quality and in the control of the photographer over the end result. One of the biggest problems for beginners new to photography, is the deep understanding of those main parameters and how they relate to each other.

Most cameras don’t give a real time feedback of the effects when changing one of those values. If someone can touch, change and see something himself, the learning effect is the greatest - so our approach was to give the user such a feedback in addition to a haptic interface.

With our system, the visitor can manipulate an image on the screen, with real time feedback, when changing for example the aperture with one of the three analog sliders on the installation. Each slider changes one of the three key parameters. Also the interplay of the parameters is evident when shown in this way. Through the playful experience with several senses involved, the learning success is significantly improved and therefore helps solving one of the biggest problems while learning photography.

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